i20 Research Inc. provides targeted insights and investigative expertise, in the following areas:

• Investment and transaction intelligence
• In-depth due-diligence
• Background checks
• Litigation strategy, especially with class action lawsuits
• Country risk
• Activist shareholder research
• Exposing conflicts of interest, breaches of duty and undisclosed relationships

Company Investigations

i20 supports companies and investors when they are vetting deal partners. This includes but is not limited to:

• Background investigations on management teams and asset managers.

• Investigating companies for their soundness, quality of leadership, and track record in respect of business practices, ethical behavior, and regulatory compliance.

• Review of a company and its assets to help determine, for example, if it should be acquired, invested in, or sold.

Background Due Diligence

Background checks are a necessity for companies seeking to hire top-level personnel, those considering investing with new business partners, or those wanting to purchase firms but wishing to know more about the other shareholders.

In conducting background checks, i20 consolidates information unavailable in the public domain by utilizing far-reaching and diverse network of human sources. The review involves:
• The investigation of directorships and related issues, such as possible conflicts of interests and involvement with fellow companies
• Scrutiny of an individual’s other business interests – both current and historic

• Examination of an individual’s professional reputation – including temperament, effectiveness and integrity
• The review of an individual’s lifestyle
• The evaluation of relevant third parties

Litigation Support

i20 conducts in-depth investigations for litigators who specialize in complex commercial matters, fraud and class actions.

Fraud and Ethics Risk Assessments

We analyze risks facing companies from potential fraud and/or ethical pitfalls. We discreetly identify issues not previously considered.


i20 is made up of a small team of high-caliber and versatile investigative industry professionals, all of whom enjoy making sense of complexity and interpreting ambiguity, and all of whom manage diverse and extensive networks. i20 prides itself at conducting our work within the law and with the highest degree of ethical standards.

Case studies

1) Mining company is target of buyout

A mining company, with a large mine in Africa, was being considered for purchase by a competitor. But controversy had dogged the African mine over allegations of abuse of local labour and ties to the country’s dictatorship. The potential buyers wanted to better understand the risks and rewards of buying the company and how much legal liability and reputational damage they might face if they went ahead with the purchase.

2) University considering donation from controversial businessman

A university was approached by a businessman who offered a donation to the institution. But the businessman had a checkered past, including being the target of a major fraud investigation in the US and UK. The university wanted a background check on the businessman and his sources of income before considering the donation.

3) Assistance for class action lawsuit against bank

A class-action lawsuit was launched against a major bank over failing to inform shareholders about its exposure to toxic US mortgage debt prior to the 2008 credit crisis. The law firm was seeking assistance in finding former executives who once worked for a company tied to the bank’s debt to persuade them to assist the lawsuit.